Vermont’s First Quadruple Murder

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At age 90, Vermont’s first quadruple murderer died a free man in 2007. He had lived most of his life within a five minute walk from VSP headquarters. In colder weather he was often seen on his frequent walks wearing an old surplus VSP parka from the 1970s. Although an entire family had been brutally murdered, in the long term, it seems in this case that the system had actually worked. Continue reading

The VSP’s oldest open case – The Murder?

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Pauline Gill Molony

Pauline Gill Molony

Every day dozens of Vermont State Police members drive past the current Chittenden Bank at the traffic lights near the Complex in Waterbury. Few know that the bank is located on the site where Pauline Molony met her untimely death over six decades ago and the case is still officially open. Continue reading

So You Think Times Are Worse Today? Think Again.

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We feel it and we hear it all the time – things are so much worse today than “in the old days.” The crimes are more brutal. The kids are worse. There are so many more violent domestic assaults than in our parent’s or grand parent’s times. It all makes good talk but it just isn’t true. The “Good Old Days” were just as foul and nasty as today. To illustrate the point, let’s take a look as some random crime stories fromVermont’s past. Continue reading

VSP’s first K-9 Troopers

Press Release issued March 23rd, 1954

Commissioner Baumann & Duchess, Trooper Goslant with Major - March 1954

Commissioner Baumann & Duchess, Trooper Goslant with Major – March 1954

Another page in the history of the Vermont State Police was written today as the force was expanded with the addition of a pair of four-legged detectives who will perform duties in a highly specialized field of law enforcement. Without the usual fanfare of administering the oath of office as in the case of regular officers, Commissioner of Public Safety William H. Baumann entered on the rolls of the State Police family the names “Major” and “Duchess” of Andover. They are two purebred English bloodhounds recently acquired from the Massachusetts State Police. Continue reading

Newly Discovered Photographs Solve Old Vermont Fire Mysteries

Brian Lindner
Vermont State Police Archive Center & Museum

Everyone knows no two witnesses at the same scene ever agree on the facts. One eyewitness account is the other’s fiction. Until the digital age, photographs could be a far more reliable source than the accounts of any dozen witnesses.

Two massive and deadly fires in Vermont have been solved when key photographs taken at each scene came to light many decades after the official files were closed and forgotten. Continue reading