The Vermont State Police Archive Office officially opened in September, 2007, through the efforts of the Vermont State Police command staff. The office is located at the VSP St. Albans office. The VSP Archive Center & Museum was incorporated as a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization in 2009.

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Our goal is to have memorabilia identified, cataloged and ready for display at VSP offices around the state. We are looking for photos or scrapbooks, which would be scanned and returned to you, donations of old equipment that you or your loved one may have had such as flashlights, whistles, belts, number plates, etc. We’re also looking for one of the signs that used to be placed beside the road, or prominently in a window, to let the State Police officers know that they had a message. The donated items will be identified and labeled with the date when they were in use and who donated them.

We believe the VSP Archives will also be a great teaching tool as well as preserving the rich history of the Vermont State Police.

We welcome all of you to visit us in our new St. Albans office and please, sign up to help us as we organize and generally poke through the fascinating items that we already have, along with the huge inventory of pictures that we have amassed in the last few years. It’s an enormous project, but if we all dig in and get involved, it will preserve all that’s in our past for our children and grandchildren for years to come.

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